When is the right time to book a venue for wedding at your Banquet?

We recommend you to book our venues 8 to 10 months in advance as auspicious dates are in high demand through the year.

Do you allow baraat / Party Poppers / Band / Party Foam / Party Strings / etc..

We do not allow baraat / Party Poppers / Band / party Foam / Party Strings.

Do you provide live stations?

All menus are tailor-made as per your requirement, spanning across various authentic cuisines with special emphasis on live stations
and freshness of food.

Do you cater to special food requirements such as Jain food?

We lay special emphasis on authentic food and do cater to Jain.

What are your venue options for indoor and outdoor events?

For banquet venue options at Interlink Banquets, kindly refer to our banquet Capacity Chart.

Do you have a dedicated team to assist in event / wedding planning?

Yes, our dedicated Events team is equipped to assist in wedding planning, customizing and supervising every event from start to finish;
with special attention to details.

How many venues do you have for the main wedding function and smaller functions?

At Interlink Banquets, we offer a choice of multiple venues to handle a range of events between indoor and outdoor areas.

Is there a time restriction on music for indoor and outdoor functions?

As per local laws, you can play music outdoors until 10:00pm and indoors until 12:00am.

Does the Banquet allow wedding ceremonies?

Interlink Banquets is happy to accommodate all wedding related activities as long as it meets the Banquet’s fire prevention and safety standards.

What are the licenses required for entertainments at weddings / cocktail parties / other events?

All events with entertainment can be conducted at Interlink Banquets, once applicable licenses are procured in accordance with
the local mandated laws. Our empanelled event planners / decorators, who understand the specific nature of each event,
will advise on the applicable licenses accordingly.

Does the Banquet provide any entertainment? 

Entertainment can be arranged through our empanelled event planners / decorators, as per your requirement.

What are your venue options for indoor and outdoor events?

For banquet venue options at Interlink Banquets, kindly refer to our banquet Floor Plan.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?

YES. Interlink Banquets do not store any alcoholic beverages. For your event, we would request you to kindly bring in your alcoholic beverages
as per the excise rules & regulation. However, we would request you to note that we will only allow / serve alcoholic beverages once you produce
necessary permit / license before starting of your event.

Do you allow outside decorators?

We do not allow outside decorators. All wedding decorations are done by our empanelled decorators. This is to ensure that we maintain
the aesthetics of our venues as well as have a quality control on the décor undertaken inside the banquet premises.

Do you have suggested vendors for flowers, music, photography, etc?

Our panel of decorators / event planners offers a large variety of services apart from flower set-ups, including music and photography,
based on your requirements.

Do you have an empanelment of decorators / event planners?

Interlink Banquets Mumbai has an empanelment of well-known wedding planners in Mumbai such as ……………., ……………., ………….., ………….,
These companies are shortlisted on the basis of variety of themes offered, services extended by them and good understanding of guest’s
requirements, over the years.

Is it possible to have the venue well in advance for setup?

Venues are offered subject to availability. In case of an elaborate setup, we recommend you book the venue in advance.

What are the cuisines you offer on the menu?

We offer a wide array of domestic (Eg: Gujarati, Rajasthani, Amritsari, South India, etc..) and international cuisines
(Italian, Israeli, Nordic, Oriental, etc..) on our menus for weddings and special events with special emphasis on live-stations,
authenticity and freshness of food.

Do you offer tailor-made menus for special events?

Yes, our menus are specially designed by our culinary experts to suit our guest requirements and community preferences.